Canadian College Opens Up A PUPPY ROOM

From National Post:

A university in Halifax is offering students a novel way to cope with end-of-term exam stress: a puppy room.

A puppy room? I thought the purpose of universities was to prepare students for the real world. I got news for ya, in the real world there are no puppy rooms. If this catches on you're going to have an entire generation of folks who get stressed out at work and start crying for puppies to cuddle with. What the hell is the matter with people? How soft are we getting as a species? Then again this is a story from Canada, I'm not even sure they have real stress there. I'm sure they could use some puppy rooms in Haiti way more than Canada. Those people live with REAL stress! If you need to curl up with a bunch of puppies when you're stressed out about a term paper or exam then you're not ready to enter the real world. Of course I'm just jealous, I wish the world was like Canada where no one had a military and there were puppy rooms everywhere, but that's not going to happen. Canada has figured it out, no one else will.

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