Why Are People Memorializing Jovan Belcher?

Kansas City Chief linebacker Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself and ESPN keeps putting up those memorial graphics with his picture and "1987-2012" thing right next to the woman he killed. I don't have anything wrong with being sad about what happened, but people don't memorialize a marine or military service member who kills his wife or girlfriend and then commits suicide. Why do people act like Belcher is some kind of revered person? Because he played football? Football is crucial to the success of ESPN so ESPN will stroke them off by honoring Belcher and talking about how much of a tragedy this is to the head coach of the Chiefs, but hopefully everyone else has the sense to realize Belcher deserves no real memorial for what he's done no matter how much of a "hero" he was in life. NFL commentators are surprised the Chiefs didn't want to postpone their game the day after, but really, they're 1-10. Why would they postpone the game? To give them a better chance of winning? I think they know they're fucked either way. Normally a football team would try to go out there and win one for their fallen comrade, but I think the Chiefs are going to just go out there and give it their best shot for their fallen comrade and see where that takes them first.


  1. The first intelligent comment that I have heard since the canonization of this murderous piece of sewage (Belcher) began Saturday morning. Let's examine the facts:

    1. He shot his girlfriend and the mother of his newborn in the face and chest in front of his mother and the newborn for no reason.

    2. He is driving a $250,000 Bentley, while his girlfriend and newborn are living in a pedestrian vinyl sided home.

    3. Why didn't he marry this woman? He's a class act, as everyone sugggests and a role model, why didn't he marry her? They had been dating for 2 1/2 years. He fathers a child with this woman, doesn't marry her, buys himself a car that Bill Gates probably can't afford, doesn't afford the woman and his child a decent living arrangement, blows her head off in front of his family, and the same trash that supported OJ are running around with their Belcher jerseys on.

    I have a great idea. Why don't we chisel his bust on Mt. Rushmore.

    For the people who incessantly state that "we don't know what was going on in his life", here is my response:

    We know he made 2 million dollars and year and was looking at a likely 10 million dollar plus payday next year. We know that he was not spending a great deal of money on his family. We know that he is a stone cold gutless punk of a murderer, who wasn't even man enough to face the consequences of his actions. I could give a &@!t about his so-called charitable actions prior to this. By the way, what was he doing with a loaded gun, anyway? Is he a gangbanger?

    What is even more absurd about this is that his degree is in family relations and development. He certainly was a fine, fine student.

    RIP to the victim (Kassandra Perkins). Good riddance to Killer Belcher.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with you, its pure evil what Jovan did.

  3. Not surprisingly, it was reported on Monday afternoon that the Bangor Daily News has uncovered several acts of violence that Belcher committed while a football player at the University of Maine, including punching a window out because "he was upset over a woman". Another football player on the team was quick to defend Belcher stating that many Maine Black Bear football players have done similar things. Coach Cosgrove (Belcher's college coach) is really running a tight ship. Cosgrove also stated on Sunday that Belcher may have had some "slight maturity issues" while at Maine, but nothing out of the ordinary. This story keeps getting better by the minute.

  4. You are so disgusting. Your words make me sick. His car was $122,000. Not $225,000. " a pedestrian vinyl sided home." His home was rented. Many Professional Athletes rent in the city they are employed. " By the way, what was he doing with a loaded gun, anyway? Is he a gangbanger?" Ignorant. It's our 2nd amendment right to own a gun. In the state of Missouri we have an open carry law. Yes, he killed Kasandra. Sometimes people snap. Was it the painkillers he was on? The head trama he suffered during the Bengals game? We may never know what happened that morning or why. The murder is tragic. The suicide is tragic. This does not make his life any less significant. People that were fortunate enough to know him, only have great things to say about him. He was a genuinely beautiful person. He was generous, humble and caring. Jovan and I met about 3.5 years ago and remained good friends throughout his NFL career. His family and friends, myself included, are all shocked about the events that unfolded. You don't know anything about Jovan. Nothing. I will miss seeing his sweet smile. I love you, Jovan. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you. R.I.P. Jovan and Kasi.