Benefits To Being A Hoarder

A lot of people think the folks on the show "Hoarders" are crazy for living like slobs who never throw anything out or clean their house, but maybe they're smarter than they look. Hoarders are way less likely to ever have their house broken into and robbed than the average person. When a thief breaks through the front door of a hoarder's house and sees stacks of old magazines and dog shit piled up to the ceiling they really don't want to risk going in there and getting Hepatitis or Tetanus and will probably go next door to a nicer house. Hoarders tend to hoard things of absolutely no value, so even if they do have valuables somewhere in the home it will be like trying to find a needle in a mound of dead cats. Sometimes just breathing in the built up gases of decomposing materials and mold in a hoarder's home can be lethal so who really needs a gun to defend their house when they've turned it into a hellish death dungeon by simply doing no housework whatsoever? Hoarders are definitely crazy, crazy like a fox! A fox that loves being covered in dust and roaches.

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