Is Laughter Really The BEST Medicine?

Everyone knows the old saying "Laughter is the best medicine" and while laughter has been proven to help people heal and recover from pain, it isn't the BEST medicine. If laughter was the best medicine why doesn't my doctor prescribe me a video of a midget on a tricycle, or better yet bring a mime into the room and punch him in the nuts? Sometimes laughter isn't an effective medicine AT ALL, like in the case you have some sort of oral injury like lets say you accidentally bit too hard on a steel dildo and broke all your teeth. Laughter would be detrimental to recovery in that case. If you have gangrene in your leg then the best medicine would probably be more along the lines of morphine and a bonesaw. When you're on the operation table being put under, the last thing you want to hear is everyone in the room laughing hysterically. Laughter is not the BEST medicine. That is a misleading statement that needs to be revised for future use. I think a phrase like "Sometimes funny helps" would be more accurate.

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