Government Replacing Dollar Bills with $1 Coins

The Government Accountability Office says switching all one dollar bills to one dollar coins can save the government 4.4-5.5 billion dollars over the next 30 years. This has to be some kind of scheme to subsidize strip clubs. I doubt strippers will let you put dollar coins in their VAHOOGACHACAS or their bum bums so anyone who tries to will look like a loser and people are going to be pressured to use five dollar bills instead or worse yet the rare ass $2 Thomas Jefferson. The government says they can save money because the coins would be made out of cheap ass metals and be less expensive to produce than bills. Even if the government can save 5.5 billion over the next thirty years that's basically nothing, it's not worth the trouble and no one wants to carry around dumbass coins. I can't help but think that focusing on ideas like this is why our economy is in the shitter.

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