Why Does Jumping Around Help You Keep From Pissing Yourself?

Bottom's Up!
If you've ever had to hold in a pee pee when there was no place to safely go, like in a cable car tram or the middle of the line for the Superman ride at Six Flags then you know that jumping around doing "The Pee Pee Dance" helps relieve the pressure on your bladder. Of course you can only jump around for too long before the urine is jostled out by the force of your antics, but it still does help even momentarily. Why does this happen? Scientists don't know. I've been calling every medical institute relentlessly for the past 15 years searching for an answer to this question. Ultimately I arrived at the conclusion that I would have to come up with my own answer. The reason jumping around helps relieve symptoms associated with being about to piss yourself is... That your body is so used to pissing in a stationary standing position that your brain mentally finds this the key urination mode. If you are jumping around then that's something that tells the brain and bladder that this is not an optimal urination time. Unless you grew up pissing on a trampoline your whole life, jumping will ruin your body's urination activation sequence. Just remember it doesn't work forever.

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