Dumb News Reporting on Newtown, CT Shootings

Almost as soon as we heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Murders, news websites like Yahoo! were full of stories about families from Columbine and Virginia Tech and other school shootings. What is the point of this? Why are there reporters going to these old victims to ask them their thoughts? If there's another 9/11 are we going to have news reporters knocking on victims' families of the last 9/11 for their reaction? No, that'd be ridiculous. But doing that with a school massacre where a bunch of children were shot is fine apparently.

The news chooses to mention odd details like how the children of Sandy Hook were shot repeatedly. Does it really matter how many times they were shot? The fact they were shot ONCE is bad enough. After that first deadly shot nothing else matters. It's pointless to mention something like this other than to note how crazy the shooter was, but we kind of already figured that out.

The news mentions the shooter was wearing all black. I don't see why this is worth mentioning. I don't need a picture painted to put myself there. Does all black make you more menacing looking? Yeah, but so does carrying a fucking assault rifle! He could have been dressed up like Hello Kitty, that doesn't change anything.

The news goes on to mention that the killer had Aspergers or as we now know it DMDD. Then they make sure to say how people with DMDD shouldn't be generalized or linked to violence. Well if that's the case then why mention he has Asperger's to begin with? What does it matter? If it has nothing to do with what he did then why mention it? That would be like specifically pointing out his eye color or his astrological sign. The news so desperately wants to try and find some kind of motive for these killings like that's going to give us an answer where we all nod our heads and go "OH I GET IT NOW!" No. It doesn't matter if there's a motive or not. If someone shoots your kid in the face are you asking for his motive? Who gives a damn?!

We're spending a lot of time talking about gun control and gun reform, but I think the news has to look at itself in the mirror and reform some of its own shit because they're all messed up!

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