First "Beats by Dre" and Now "Soul by Ludacris"?

"Crap by Hobo"
Following the path set by disputable physician Doctor Dre, the rap music composer Ludacris now has his own line of specialty headphones. I can't say I blame him for doing this, but it is an obvious rip-off of the Beats by Dre headphones as far as concept goes. Now if people don't like Beats by Dre they can go get Soul by Ludacris, but why stop there?

How much longer until we see Spirit by Eminem, Melody by Coolio, Naughty by Naughty By Nature, Chill by Vanilla Ice, or Wonder by DA BRAT? When will this come to an end? Will there one day be stores that sell only headphones and there are thousands of different varieties and brands to choose from and even your grandmother will have a licensed pair of headphones called "Confusion by Nana"? It's starting to appear that way.

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