Family Fun Holiday Challenges

It's the holiday season and that means it's time to challenge yourself with fun activities! There are many different challenges you can participate in with friends and family, here are some of my favorites:

Challenge 1: Try to get laid while wearing a big ass Christmas sweater. You know those big Bill Cosby turtleneck sweaters that come in white or red and have giant reindeer or snowmen stitched onto them? Just wear one of those and go to a nightclub and see if you can get laid or not then take the person's photo when they're passed out and compare it with those your friends and family have taken to see who met the best looking person that night.

Challenge 2: Go Christmas caroling alone. Get together with a bunch of people on a street and then break up to go off individually and sing Christmas carols to people by yourself. Then later go around to survey the people at the houses that got sang at and ask them to grade each person. Whoever has the highest aggregate grade is the winner.

Challenge 3: Get shitfaced and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus as loud as you can at the mall before passing out face first into the wishing fountain. Best splash wins.

Challenge 4: Catch Santa Claus. Hunt him down and bag him so we finally have definitive proof he exists. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter. If he is real then odds are he's immortal anyway so there's no way to really kill him and if he somehow ISN'T immortal at least Mrs. Claus can take over for him I mean why not? It's 2012, lady, get off your ass!

Those are just a few games I like to play with my family over the holidays, but the most fun is to make up your own and start your very own borderline illegal traditions that make Christmas special!

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