What is the Best Way to Quit a Job?

Some people tend to think the best way to quit a job is to write a letter of resignation and give two weeks notice, but that's a lot of bull crap. You're hopefully never going to see these people again so why waste even more of your time for them? My favorite way to quit a job has and always will be to bring in a giant boom box stereo and play the Hulk Hogan theme song while running around clotheslining everyone. Then when security guards try to taser me I start shaking my head and going crazy then I point at them, slam them down and give them a giant leg drop. Usually the leg drop ends up hurting me more than it hurts them because my raw ass lands directly on the ground, but it's a nice spectacle for the crowd watching. That's what quitting is all about, the crowd. You don't get many opportunities in corporate America to be free and express yourself, the one chance you have is when you quit or are fired. I'm not saying hurt anyone, but you have to go out with some balls. A true boss  will respect that more than a pussy ass letter of resignation.

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