Dumbass Sayings: "Pain is Weakness Leaving The Body"

You hear people say "Pain is weakness leaving the body" meaning the more pain you go through the stronger you get. This saying is complete bullshit. Pain is not weakness leaving the body and enduring massive amounts of pain does not strengthen a person. If this saying was true then every time a captured prisoner of war was released after being tortured for months they'd be stronger than ever, but that's never the case. Instead, they're usually broken shells of the person they once were and are usually very depressed and even suicidal. Their minds are virtually destroyed and they're incapable of living normal lives. Being a crippled, mentally destroyed husk of a person is hardly what I would label as strong. If we were to revise this saying it would be "Pain is a test of human strength, but can over time break down a body and mind". Saying "pain is weakness leaving the body" is ridiculous nonsense.

Relax, this is just a new workout!

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  1. And if pain really were just weakness leaving the body, I don't think that torture would be used at all, if it ultimately benefited the one upon whom it were done.