Top 5 Reasons Public Nudity Should Be Legal

Here are the top 5 reasons public nudity should be made legal in America:

5). No more ingrown leg hairs. Wearing pants causes my leg hairs to grow inward sometimes, especially when I'm wearing tights or yoga pants.

4). Freedom. We have the right to fear speech and bear arms, so why don't women have the right to bare peach?

3). It'll be impossible to crap or piss yourself. With no pants or underwear on, never again will anyone have to worry about messing themselves in public which is an event that can be tragic enough to ruin a life.

2). Better mobility and comfort. It just feels better to not be restrained by clothing. You spend most of your time naked at home because it feels good. Why deny that pleasure in the outside world especially during harsh summers which are sure to only get more uncomfortable with rising global temperatures?

And the number 1 reason public nudity should be legal in America is...

1). I'm sick of being arrested.

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