Are Concussions Really The Problem in the NFL?

When talking about NFL player safety the biggest issue is always concussions, but quarterbacks are the most frequently concussed players and they always end up doing well after retirement. Retired quarterbacks who have had countless concussions throughout their careers are all over television, from Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino to Steve Young and Boomer Esiason. All the retired quarterbacks are pretty much healthy. Brett Favre started sending people dick pics, but aside from that quarterbacks are never subject to the lasting damage of a concussion.

The retired players who have their lives ruined by football injuries tend to be linebackers and safeties which leads me to believe the problem isn't as clear cut as concussions, but might be due to consistent brain trauma coming from the frequent hits and tackles that are seen as routine in a football game. Quarterbacks rarely get hit aside from the occasional sack and concussion, but a player that's getting hit all the time to a lesser extent probably has their brain damaged more severely by the end of their career. Everyone's focusing so much on limiting the big hits that cause concussions, but maybe people's lives are being ruined because of the general nature of the game and that's something that can't and shouldn't be changed so people need to deal with that.

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