World's Oldest Person Dies at 115 Years Old

According to Guinness, the World's Oldest Person died. A 115-year-old woman from Iowa Dina Manfredini passed away on Monday after only holding the coveted title of World's Oldest for three weeks. Her granddaughter said she died in the retirement home where she had been living. Congratulations to former World's Oldest Person Dina Manfredini for living a super long life! I am saddened to hear this news, but this is also great news for the rest of us who have aging parents. This woman lived to 115-years-old in a retirement home! That means your parents can't tell you shit when they're trying to complain about you locking them in the old folks center. It's for your own good mom and dad! I want you to live as long as possible and YES I will visit you, occasionally... Sure I won't have tons of time to visit, but the longer you live the more visits you'll get and the best way for you to live long is to be in a home! Dina Manfredini did it, why the hell can't YOU!?

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