What The Hell is "Forever Comfy"?What The Hell is "Forever Comfy"?

Maybe you've seen this commercial for these glorified ass pillows called "Forever Comfy". This reminds me of those aluminum siding slats that they try to sell on TV to keep your couch from sagging. Why are there all these products being sold that any moron could just make at home in five seconds? You know what you can do to make your own Forever Comfy? Get a pillow you have laying around the house. There is no step 2, you're done.

"Forever Comfy" is an odd name. I feel like that'd be a better name for a brand of luxury coffins, then the name might actually make sense. Any time you use the word "forever" you're setting unrealistic goals for yourself. At least I know that long after Armageddon has wiped the planet to dust I'll be able to sit on a Forever Comfy. I'd imagine the most comfortable anyone could ever be is sitting on a Forever Comfy while wearing a Snuggie with nothing on under it. That's my dream and thanks to these assholes it may very well come true.

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