World's First Spider Astronaut Dies

R.I.P. Nefertiti (2012 - 2012)
Nefertiti, the first spider to travel to space was found dead in her enclosure at the Smithsonian Museum today. "Neffi" as she was known to her friends had survived a one hundred day stay in the International Space Station prior to her tragic death. She was a true pioneer for spiders all around the world. People closest to the Johnson jumping spider said she was a vivacious, charismatic, and at times even sexy individual who wasn't afraid to break down walls and weave a web of inspiration for the spider youth. Some had suggested she was a shoe-in to win Spider of the Year at the 2012 Arachnid Achievement Awards (AAA's), though with her tragic passing the focus will likely turn to Bernard, an up-and-coming tarantula in Bolivia who made a big splash in the spider community when he ate an eagle last week. Rest in peace Neffi, and God speed you crazy eight legged son of a bitch.

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