How To Protect Your Skin in the Winter

One of the best ways to prevent wind damaged skin in harsh winter conditions is to use your nasal mucus as a lotion. The human body produces large quantities of mucus in cold weather for this exact purpose. When you're out in the cold your nose drips with a viscous fluid to lubricate and the sinuses and keep them from drying up and breaking down. If this helps the skin and tissue in your nasal cavities it can certainly help your face as well. Most people are squeamish about rubbing their snot all over their face, but it really does work. It all boils down to how much you don't want dry skin and how much you care about what other people think about you. So the next time you're out and you feel your skin start cracking and you're all out of Jergins give a good blow into your hands and try it out. It can't hurt!

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