What The Hell is "WAXVAC"?

Maybe you've seen the commercial for the WaxVac that tells you how dangerous it is to clean your ears with q-tips and shows a man screaming loudly as  he jams one in his ear as far as he can. Yes, q-tips can be dangerous for someone who can't sense how deep the q-tip is going into their head. If it stops  feeling like an eargasm and you feel a stinging pain and the q-tip is red that means you've gone too far. But as dangerous as q-tips are, is a vacuum really  safer? If that's the answer why not just take your vacuum hose at home and hold that up to your ear canal? That's a free WaxVac right in your very own  home! There's no sense in wasting the money for some silly as-seen-on-tv rip off product, just put an industrial vacuum over your ear canal and watch that  ear wax disappear!

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