Screw the Fiscal Cliff

Forget what the Fiscal Cliff actually is, the issue here is that America is going to fall off it. When you find yourself about to fall off a cliff, the actual cliff itself means very little. It's the fall and what's at the bottom of the cliff that should concern you most. So never mind all the financial economic mumbo jumbo that is the Fiscal Cliff. Instead let's focus on what's lying at the bottom of the cliff: more taxes. The whole cliff analogy is completely stupid because at least if you were literally jumping off a cliff you would be dead when you hit the bottom. It'd be nice if we could just all die together by literally going off a cliff, that's the best way, but instead everyone lives and has to pay more taxes. I'd rather die with everyone all at once because that way if people want to talk shit about me they have to do it right to my face in Hell. If I die way before everyone else in a completely separate incident people get to gather around and laugh at how I shit my pants. I think the government is going to go off the cliff on purpose so everyone has to pay more taxes. Why do the politicians give a crap whether or not working mothers have to pay an extra couple grand a year to fund Washington DC's bullshit? It's all a crockpot full of shit and frankly the smell is becoming rather unappealing!

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