Outbreak of Shooting Violence in America

It seems that there's a new case of a random man shooting and murdering several strangers every week if not every few days now. We may get to a point where the news media in this country can't milk each one because before they know it there's another one to report on. We could reach a point where there are numerous candlelight vigils going on simultaneously all for different shootings and you have to decide which one to go to based on the number of victims, the age of the victims, and the proximity of the shooting to your residence. We might see a time soon when there are so many mass killings occurring that there's not enough prayers in the world for all the victims and our entire lives become one long moment of silence. Will we adjust to this type of occurrence?

Even if you got rid of every single gun on the market being sold right now, that still leaves roughly thousands of lunatics who had already wanted a gun with a gun, and you can't take their gun from them without a fight so it's just a matter of time until they snap. Obviously a majority of gun owners are not maniacs, but that doesn't mean action can't be taken. Just because not all prostitutes have STDs doesn't mean you forgo the condom. But what can be done? Not really much. When a possible solution is limiting high capacity ammo magazines you know we're fucked. That's like trying to limit the number of points scored in the NBA by only letting midgets be professional basketball players. Would that help? Yeah sort of... But the midgets are still going to find a way to score. I'm not sure that cuts to the heart of the problem. Whatever the solution, it's clearly not going to be something everyone agrees on. At what point does the government say "Fuck it!" and invent a bulletproof stretchy green man bodysuit and give everyone one to wear all day every day?

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