Is Murder Contagious Like The Flu?

An article from livescience.com says: Researchers relied on the same techniques public-health officials use to track the spread of diseases, but applied them to the spread of homicide in Newark, N.J., over a 26-year span from 1982 to 2008. And just as in other epidemics, certain neighborhoods were more susceptible than others. Diverse, immigrant-rich communities looked to be protected against homicide's spread in the research, while the poorest neighborhoods were more vulnerable.

Murder is contagious? How about more like Newark is a fucked up place to live. Yes, it's true that if you live in a dangerous neighborhood where murders are happening that might make you more likely to commit murder to survive, but that's basic sense. There's nothing to suggest that murder is literally contagious and articles like this are irresponsibly stupid. If a murderer has you tied to a chair and you manage to get free and kill him so you can escape is that because his lethal case of murder rubbed off on you? As the famous poet Balki once said "Well, of course not. Don't be RIDICULOUS". If you think murder is a contagious disease then the next time you really feel like killing someone just drink a glass of orange juice and get some rest. I guess murderers aren't really killers they're just a little under the weather.

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