Ask McFartnuggets: “In Roger Rabbit Why Do The Weasels Die When They Laugh?’

Dear McFartnuggets: 
In the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” why do the weasels die when they laugh too hard? No one else fears dying of laughter except for them. Why are they the only ones who die when they laugh? -- Elyse from Portland, Oregon

Dear Elyse:
Well when Eddie Valiant is making the weasels laugh, Roger says “You’re killin’ em! You’re slayin’ em! You’re knockin’ em dead!” The joke there is that those are show business terms that are actually literally happening. Now why only the weasels die when they laugh too hard isn’t explicitly explained. I’m not sure if that was a toon thing. The other toons never really laugh hysterically from what I can recall. The odd thing is Roger Rabbit laughs pretty heartily at certain points and he’s never about to die from it. Perhaps he’s the only toon immune or the weasels had a severe allergy to laughing.

I think maybe the weasels were supposed to be hyenas, but they had to cast differently at the last second.

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