Dumbass Sayings: “RIP”

These days when someone dies people will have to instagram their condolences and say “RIP, Grandma” or “RIP, Jennifer” followed by a bunch of sad face emojis. “RIP” is the acronym for “Rest in Peace” which is stupid right off the bat because when using acronyms words like “in” don’t get a capital letter. It’s also stupid because it comes off as inauthentic. How much do you really want someone to rest in peace if you’re merely typing three letters? You can’t expend the energy to write out the full phrase? Let’s say the dead person is reading your text, but since they’re in ghost form they don’t have a brain so they think you’re telling them to rip and tear themselves? That would probably make them feel shocked and betrayed. Why take that chance with a person’s innocent soul? Just spend that extra fraction of a calorie to type out “rest in peace” so you really get the point across.

No one ever says “RIP” at an actual funeral. If “RIP” means the same exact thing as “rest in peace” why not just say “RIP” out loud to people when delivering a eulogy? Could it be because it sounds dumb and ridiculous? Even though “ILY” is an acronym people use to mean “I love you” you still don’t see it that much because just saying and typing “ILY” cheapens the overall sentiment. When someone sends you a death threat they type out “I hope you die” they don’t write “HYD.” Why? Because they’re very serious about how they feel and they take the time to write that shit out. Now I’m sure in the next few years and decades most serious emotions will be communicated in acronyms, but for now, it’s still lazy and cheap.

To RIP is such a violent act. Not quite agreeable with the act of resting.

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