Dumbass Sayings: “Channel Surfing”

When you change channels rapidly and aimlessly while looking for something good to watch people call that “Channel surfing.” Channel surfing… Do people even think about this shit? How is changing channels similar to surfing? No, really THINK about that. Think about someone surfing, riding on a wave on a board and then think about someone with a TV remote pushing a button. Are they riding a wave of entertainment? No, that’s not an accurate metaphor because there’s no excitement going on. Surfing is an extreme sport. When someone’s surfing they’re feeling the energy of that wave and that’s what gives them gnarly karma to be stoked off of, bra. Clicking through channels is the exact opposite of that. You’re so bored by each channel that you turn to another one before you even know what the hell you’re watching. Since it’s flipping through channels it should be called “Channel gymnastics.” Because you’re flipping and tumbling and it’s really boring, just like gymnastics.

And having the batteries in your remote die is like wiping out, right?

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