Dumbass Saying: “Don’t Undermine My Intelligence”

Sometimes when you’re watching “Jeopardy” with your grandmother’s caretaker and she gets a question wrong, you laugh and she gets really offended. She says “Hey don’t undermine my intelligence.” This is a really strange thing to say. For starters, I would reckon most people who say this don’t even know what the word “undermine” even means which essentially undermines their own intelligence. The word “undermine” means “to weaken or cause to collapse by removing underlying support, as by digging away or eroding the foundation.” By that definition, this shouldn’t even be a phrase because it makes no sense. How does insulting someone’s intelligence weaken it? You don’t get dumber the more people insult or mock you. If anything, people should say “Don’t undermine my confidence in my intelligence.” That would be the proper thing to say, but then again, they’re stupid so how would they know to say that.

Would you prefer I overmine your intelligence and rob it of all its valuable resources?

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