The Top 5 Future Apple Products We Just Can’t Wait For

What will be the next big
Apple product we all wait
in line for?
Everyone wants to know what Apple has up its sleeves for the next big technological gizmo that will change the way people waste their time. While these are not official products there’s a decent chance these items will one day exist and everyone here at the Mansion of Mania can’t wait to get their hands on them to review some day! Here are the top 5 most anticipated Apple products of the future:

5. iPod Touch Plus
Everyone loved the iPod and they love the iPhone, but there has to be some product that can combine the two. The iPod Touch Plus will be an iPod Touch but a little bigger and with the ability to make phone calls. It’s everything you love about the iPod with a little bit of the iPhone mixed in.

4. iMac Air
With Apple making larger and larger iPads it’s really only a matter of time before they try to scale down the iMac desktop computer and give it a touchscreen so that it’s more of a desklet (a desktop tablet). The iMac Air would be ideal for people who have particularly large hands or those who want a little bit more screen size than what an iPad Plus has to offer.

3. iEye
The apple digital eyepatch is basically an Apple monocle which is great for hipsters. However because it’s the iEye of course there’s a pirate theme, like aye aye, matey.

2. iPhone Air Plus
People want larger and larger phones, but they still want them to be thin. Basically the ideal phone is quickly becoming something like a sheet of paper. The iPhone Air Plus would essentially be the size of a newspaper but so thin that it can be folded down to be held like a phone then expanded larger to be a portable theater screen.

And the number one Apple product of the future that we’re all waiting for is...

1. iGenitals
It’s only a matter of time until Apple makes its move into the world of sex toys and that day will be a wonderful landmark for mankind. Who wouldn’t want an ergonomic artificial vagina or dildo equipped with Siri and CrotchTime for seamless communication with loved ones?

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