The Top 5 Worst Foods to Eat When You Have a Cold

When you have the common cold there are certain foods everyone typically eats like saltines and chicken soup. However, there are other foods that people don’t typically don’t eat and it’s for a good reason. Here are the top 5 worst foods to eat when you have a cold:

5. Peanut butter
When you have a cold you’re usually congested and stuffy and it feels like there’s peanut butter in your sinuses and in your throat. Therefore, eating actual peanut butter will only increase that unpleasant sensation.

Congestion in a jar.

4. Cotton candy
You rarely see people eating cotton candy when they have a cold. That’s because having a large amount of sugar in your digestive system can limit the body’s absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin C of course is a very crucial part of the immune system which means eating sugary foods like cotton candy which is pure sugar can make the cold even worse.

That's a shitload of cotton candy!

3. Hard Boiled eggs
Hard boiled eggs are bad to eat when you have a cold just because it’s disgusting. Hard boiled eggs are kind of gross even when you’re not sick so when you have a lot of extra mucus in your throat and you’re sneezing all the time, eating eggs is not the best idea. All you have to do is sneeze with a mouthful of hard boiled eggs once and you’ve got a huge, disgusting mess on your hands.

Satanic eggs on Christmas? Seriously?

2. Indian food
Indian food can be good to eat during a cold because of all the spices, but you generally eat it with your hands which can be gross to do when you’re sick. If you’re at a restaurant where people are sharing from a communal dish then there’s a tremendous chance you will get everyone sick.

Mmm, doesn't that just settle your stomach!

And the number one worst food to eat when you have a cold is…

1. Fast food
Whether it’s Taco Bell, KFC, White Castle, or Wendy’s you should never eat fast food when you’re sick. When you’re sick and you have a compromised immune system the last thing you need is explosive diarrhea. Not only is it an added discomfort, but it causes you to lose valuable fluids. Everyone knows one of the most important things to do when you have the flu is to stay hydrated. Well, it’s tough to do that when you’re losing all your hydration out the ass.

It's called FAST food because that's the speed at which it travels through your colon.

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