Dumbass Sayings: “Good Sport/Bad Sport”

Sometimes when your wife asks for a divorce and you cooperate with her because you don’t take any of it seriously she says “Thanks for being a good sport about this.” A good sport? What are you calling me football or something? Who the hell comes up with this stuff? I’m not an athletic recreational activity, Janet! I’m a goddamn human being! Baseball doesn’t have feelings. There’s no crying in baseball! Well look at these tears, you heartless bitch! I gave you three of the worst years of my life and after all that you’re going to call me an athletic pastime? That sickens me. And I guess you’ll decide to call me a “bad sport” for how I’m acting now. Oh right, like I’m golf now. That makes sense! I’m badminton. I’m cross country skiing. Well if sitting by quietly while you walk out of my life with our kids and half my money makes me a good sport then you may as well call me curling! You think this is over, bitch? No… No one calls me a sport and gets away with it. Call your lawyer, whore. It’s going down now!

I am NOT whatever the fuck this lady is doing!

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