Dumbass Sayings: “Female Breasts”

Some law firms have commercials on TV telling men that if they’ve used a drug named Risperdol and developed “female breasts” they are entitled to a settlement. What the hell do they mean “female breasts”? If your have things that look like women’s mammaries on your chest and you’re a man then they’re breasts, not female breasts. You don’t need to assign gender to them. Men aren’t supposed to have breasts so automatically any breasts become a concern. Calling them female breasts doesn’t really help anyone. Unless the breasts have tiny vaginas on them then they’re not female. They’re not female breasts if they’re on a man. It’s just that simple. That’d be like having a commercial aimed toward women who took a prescription medication that made them grow a “male penis.” You can just say “penis.” I think they’ll figure out something is wrong.

If you are a man with "female breasts" don't forget your annual checkup.

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