Dumbass Sayings: “Like and Subscribe”

A lot of people on YouTube say “Like and subscribe” at the end of their videos. I never understood this. If people liked your video and they want to see more they’ll like and subscribe on their own. Are people really that stupid that they can enjoy your video and won’t like and subscribe it unless you tell them to? It’s possible, but I’d like to believe humanity hasn’t reached that point just yet. So basically when you say “Like and subscribe” you’re either reminding people who are half brain dead, or trying to get people who didn’t really enjoy the video to like and subscribe. I’m not sure if people in the latter category would do that anyway. Who watches a video, feels ambivalent about it, then decides to like and subscribe because the person in the video told them to? Basically everyone wants people to like their videos and subscribe to their channel, it goes without saying. Asking people to like and subscribe is like seeing a hobo doing a dance on the street while saying “Give me money! Give me money!” I think the fact that he’s homeless and dancing should communicate that well enough without bringing words into this.

People's virtual thumbs can go either way until you actually tell them what to do.

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