The Top 5 Worst Sports to Listen to on the Radio

"Mic check, bitches!"
There was a time in America when families and friends would gather around the radio to listen to a baseball game or a big boxing match. Listening to those can still be somewhat enjoyable to this day, but there are certain sports that you just can’t listen to on the radio. Here are the top 5 worst sports to listen to on the radio:

5. Soccer
Soccer is a rough sport to listen to on the radio. By the end it’s really just a whole lot of the same names being said over and over as the ball gets passed back and forth.

It probably sounds a lot more exciting in Spanish.

4. Beach volleyball
One of the only reasons to ever watch beach volleyball is for women in thongs so listening to it on the radio makes basically no sense. That’s how you can tell if a sport is actually worth a damn. If it’s on the radio then people care about it. Beach volleyball is rarely on the radio.

Unless the commentator is describing ass, no one's gonna be listening.

3. Pool
Pool or billiards is not a very popular sport to listen to on the radio. It’s just way too complicated for a play-by-play commentator to explain to a listener and it’d be even more pointless for someone to listen and try to figure out what was going on.

Any game played in bars shouldn't be considered a sport or be broadcast on the radio.

2. Bowling
Bowling is kind of boring even when you’re there in person participating in it. So listening to other people playing on the radio is just beyond stupid.

How drunk do you have to be to listen to bowling on the radio?

And the number one worst sport to listen to on the radio is…

1. Marathon running
Why are marathons ever televised? Who even watches these things? Of course as boring as watching a marathon is, listening is ten thousand times worse. You don’t know who any of the runners are and they’re just going on and on for hours changing places countless times few and far between. There’s simply not enough time in the average human lifespan to justify wasting any of it listening to a marathon on the radio.

There are no star marathon runners that people look up to because nobody deep down wants to run a marathon to begin with.

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