Dumbass Sayings: “Come Hell or High Water”

When you’re a kid sometimes your dad says “I’m going to make it to your graduation, come hell or high water!” Then he doesn’t show up and later calls to say “Well there was no hell or high water.” Hahaha, very funny, dad. VERY FUNNY! Anyways, when you get a little bit older you think about that phrase. “Come hell or high water.” What the high water does that even mean? Why are these the only two examples of possible complications? And this is a little off balanced don’t you think? Look, flooding can be terrible, I know that, but to put it in the same sentence as HELL is a bit much. Having a soggy carpet might suck and be a mold hazard, but eternal burning damnation has to be at least a couple notches more extreme than that. Now I know hell and high water are mutually exclusive, since high water would instantly evaporate in the conditions of hell, but that’s because hell is the worst possible thing. There is no need for the OR after saying Hell. Hell is the end all be all of negative scenarios. Just say “I don’t care if Satan’s kingdom of hell rises to Earth.” That sounds a lot better and makes more sense.

Hell really would ruin your plans though.

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