Dumbass Sayings: “Seeing is Believing”

There’s a famous saying that goes “seeing is believing.” This is supposed to mean that if you see something you have no choice but to believe it. The idea is that you should always believe your eyes. Apparently whoever came up with this saying wasn’t aware of the concept of hallucinations. Clearly if you’re having hallucinations whether they be drug or fever induced, you’re going to see a lot of weird shit like goat demons and fiery angels flying around. Now because you see it you might believe it, but that doesn’t give any validity to what you’re seeing. What’s the point in believing something that’s not real? Seeing shouldn’t always be believing. Sure seeing is better proof than hearing, but it’s not 100% proof. Also this saying is just flat out insulting to blind people. If you’re blind and you hear someone say “Seeing is believing” imagine how bad that must make you feel. If you say seeing is believing then you’re basically saying blind people have nothing real to believe in. Any fool can hear that the visually impaired have beliefs. This is just a weird saying because anything is believing if you’re gullible enough. I prefer saying “Tasting is believing.” If you can lick something and taste it, there’s a good chance it’s really happening. If you’re ever in doubt that a situation is reality just give it a good lickin’ to reinforce what the rest of your senses are telling you. Then you’ll have a much stronger foundation on which to base your belief.

I believe this is a half-duck half-rabbit conjoined headed freak.

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