Dumbass Saying: “Popping Your Cherry”

When you start a job as a salesman they refer to your first sale as “popping your cherry.” What the hell kind of thing is that to say? How exactly is making your first sale like breaking your hymen? I know it’s a special moment, but It doesn’t hurt, there’s no blood, and when it’s over there’s not really a special bond between the salesperson and their customer. If making your first sale was like breaking your hymen then you could have done it by accident while selling things alone as a teenager. There are far more differences between making a first sale and breaking your hymen than there are similarities. For example, you don’t get credit for not popping your cherry in sales. In real life it’s a sign of purity, in sales if you’ve got an intact hymen you’re not making any money. Now if you’re in the business of selling your body then this is an adequate metaphor, but in any other field it’s just inappropriate especially when you’re talking to female salespeople. If you’ve ever gone to a saleswoman and asked her if she’s popped her cherry yet then you know how awkward that can be especially if she’s a little young. It’s just wrong to use this kind of terminology at work.

There aren't many things more awkward than a grown man asking you to pop his cherry.

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