Dumbass Sayings: “If You See Something Say Something”

If you ever go on a subway there are always signs that say “If you see something say something.” This is of course in reference to seeing a suspicious bag or box or other device that could be a bomb. This is just a flat out ridiculous phrase. First of all it sounds like something you’d say to a class of kindergartners. I don’t know why adults need a little fun phrase like this to remind them that if they see something that could be a bomb they should alert the authorities. This phrase is very condescending, but if you’re going to condescend to people and treat them like complete morons you should go all the way. This phrase should be changed to “If you see something, say something TO THE POLICE.” You can’t just mutter “Wow, that looks suspicious...” to yourself and think that’s enough. Yes it does meet the literal criteria of “See something, say something” but it doesn’t do anything to help. If the folks who wrote that phrase think people are that stupid then they should cover their own ass by being very specific. There could be tons of idiots who see potential bombs and mumble “something…” then think they’ve done their duty and walk away. We just never hear about it because it would have been a false alarm anyway. That’s the other thing about this phrase, a million times out of a million and one, a suspicious bag is just a bag. When you “say something” it causes the police and bomb squad to shut down the train line and everyone’s late to work for no reason. You add up all the delays, time, and money wasted on investigating suspicious bags and boxes over the years and that probably adds up to the damage of an actual bomb going off. How silly is that!

This saying is also insensitive to mute people unable to speak.

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