Ask McFartnuggets: “Is Ray Rice Really A Hero?

Now if only Ray Rice would
knock out a starving child.
Just kidding! Or am I?
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Ever since the Ray Rice story about him punching his wife in a casino elevator broke there’s been tons of attention brought to the issue of domestic and spousal violence. Of course it was horrible what he did, but because he did it now millions are asking themselves questions they weren’t asking before and thousands of women have been able to escape abusive relationships. Considering that, isn’t it actually a good thing Ray Rice did what he did and shouldn’t he be considered a hero? I mean if he didn’t punch his wife there’d be thousands of women being beaten right now. His wife Janay Rice really took one for the team on that one. She should be thanked as well! Am I wrong? -- Tomas from Miami, Florida

Dear Tomas:
No he’s not a hero. If women have been helped by the incident that happened between him and his wife then that’s all due to the elevator cameras and TMZ who released the footage. Yes he and his wife were the catalyst for that, but had it not been caught on camera he’d probably still be laying the smackdown on her and all the thousands of women who have realized domestic abuse isn’t something to be accepted would still be in those situations too. Ultimately, it worked out well for everyone except Ray Rice and abusive spouses all over the country, but that doesn’t make him a hero.

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