Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do So Many People Go to The Movies on Christmas Day?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Everyone I know goes to the movies on Christmas Day and I don’t understand how this became such a tradition. Christmas is Jesuses birthday. What kind of way to celebrate his birth is going to a movie theater to stare at a big screen like a dummy for two hours? People should be at home praying or baking a birthday cake for Jesus or at least just spending some quality time with their family members. Sitting next to your family in a packed theater is not a family experience. If that’s a bonding experience then you may as well consider the stranger hogging your armrest on your other side part of your family too. Why do people go to the movies on Christmas? I just don’t get it. -- Lila from Newark, New Jersey

Dear Lila:
Well you have to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. A lot of people go out to see movies and eat Chinese food on Christmas. The other thing is a lot of people actually don’t really like their families so going to see a movie is the perfect way to kill two to three hours, (maybe four including travel and miscellaneous time). You’re all watching the same movie so you have something to talk about later on and it’s a shared experience. That’s a great thing if the alternative is sitting in silence in your living room the entire day. Then to top it all off, Hollywood releases tons of new movies on Christmas day. All that takes attention away from Jesus on his birthday and that is fucked up. Some people think it’s a Hollywood conspiracy, I just think it’s another reflection of America’s consumer culture and the power of money.

Just imagine the birth of Christ in IMAX 3D! Do you hear what I hear? That's DOLBY SURROUND SOUND!

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