Dumbass Sayings: I Will Kill Your Entire Bloodline”

Sometimes when you hand a customer their order at the drive-thru they take the bag with one hand and grab your arm with the other, stare into your eyes and say “If you got any part of my order wrong again I will kill your entire bloodline.” Look, I understand it’s annoying to get home with your food and realize you didn’t get extra mayo on your burger, but seriously, you’re going to murder my entire bloodline? You’re seriously going to log onto Ancestry.com posing as me and look up my entire family tree then systematically go all across the world killing each one of these people? That seems a TAD EXCESSIVE. If you’re going to kill anyone for your messed up order if should be the guy who took it. I handed it to you at the register. It’s not really my fault, ma’am. And you know all that anger isn’t good for your blood pressure which is probably at dangerously high levels. I’d be more concerned with your heart rate hitting a flatline than hunting down my bloodline.

You better start clicking on those shaky leaves, bitch.

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