Dumbass Sayings: “Wear The Pants in The Relationship”

Sometimes a woman will say “You need to stop being a bitch and start wearing the pants in the relationship!” I never understood this saying. Wearing the pants in the relationship? Why does a relationship require a mandatory pair of trousers that either of the people have to be wearing at a given time? That simply makes no sense. The woman means to say you need to be a man, but this is a completely outdated notion because women also wear pants nowadays. Women have rights and equality in the year 2014 so they should be wearing pants as well. Why can’t both people wear pants? Isn’t that better than someone in the couple being bottomless? That’s a demeaning to yourself as a woman to tell a man to wear the pants because that means you’re basically naked with your vagina hanging out. Is that what women want? And not all pants are manly. What if I’m wearing the pants in the relationship, but they’re capri pants? Does that count? I don’t think so. This is a flat out ridiculous saying. No one would accept a man telling a woman to “Wear the thong in the relationship” so let’s cut this sexist crap out.

Are you really wearing the pants in the relationship if these are the pants you're wearing?

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