Dumbass Sayings: “Pigs in a Blanket”

Some of the people protesting the Eric Garner and Michael Brown deaths chant things like “Pigs in blankets” or “We want pigs in blankets.” This is supposed to mean “dead police officers.” I guess a body bag or that white sheet they put over dead people is meant to be the “blanket” in the analogy and that’s just terrible. This is an awful saying. I can’t believe people would pervert what used to just be a delicious recipe for cooking hot dogs in a dough crust. Thanks to these folks I can’t post instagram pics of the tasty pigs in blankets I just pulled from the oven because I might be tracked down by the local police department. I can’t even buy pre-made pigs in blankets now without people giving me a weird look. The only thing “putting pigs in blankets” should mean is cooking tiny hot dogs or vienna sausages in Pillsbury crescent rolls or literally tucking your pet pig into a muffin basket with a little blanket on top of them. Putting pigs in blankets should be adorable not abhorrent. A murdered police officer is not fun and adorable so stop attaching it to a fun and adorable phrase like “pig in a blanket.”

These are the only pigs in blankets I'm interested in.

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