Dumbass Sayings: “Works Like A Charm”

Sometimes you’ll hear your neighbor talking about their new rectal cream they say “It works like a charm!” Let’s think about that saying for a second. You’re saying this thing “works like a charm” charm meaning a magical charm, I assume. So it works like a magical charm, so not at all? I got a newsflash for you people, magic charms don’t work. Magic isn’t real, that’s why magicians had to call themselves illusionists. Magic charms are complete bullshit and they nearly never work even by coincidence. When you say “works like a charm” you’re literally saying the opposite of what you mean and that’s just damn stupid. Instead you should say “works like an Apple sweatshop employee” or something that actually works, then that might make a little bit of sense.

This charm will work pretty well, if your goal is to get tetanus.

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