Dumbass Sayings: “They’ll See You Before You See Them”

There’s an anti-drunk driving commercial that shows police camouflaged into walls watching a drunk couple walking to a car. Then as the man starts driving drunk a camouflaged cop car turns on its sirens and pulls him over. The commercial says “They’ll see you before you see them.” The problem with this is, if that were true then there’d really be no problem with drunk driving. If the cops caught you before you were able to get into a crash or accident every time then there’d be no real negative to drunk driving. If that were true no one would ever get hurt drunk driving. You could just go drunk driving whenever you wanted and you wouldn’t have to worry because a cop would stop and arrest you before you killed yourself or someone else. The fact is the police don’t always see you before you see them. That’s why drunk driving is still dangerous and bad. I’ve been in some cases where I crash directly into a cop car that wasn’t even aware of how drunk I was. This saying is just complete phooey and you can’t believe it. You can’t leave it up to the cops to pull you over, you need to pull yourself over sometimes.

Always be careful when drunkenly peeing on a wall. You never know if a cop is standing in front of you in full body camouflage.

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