Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Doesn’t Santa Bring Presents To Poor Children?”

Dear McFartnuggets:  
Hello Binkie McFartnuggets my name is Aiden and I am 8 years. My friend Rodney didn’t get a present on Christmas today and I asked him why and he said because I am poor. Why doesn’t he get gifts because he’s poor? Why did Santa forget him? I thought Santa gives presents to all kids on Christmas as long as they love Jesus and are not naughty. I don’t think Rodney has been a naughty kid, he helped me run from a dog that was going to bite me on summer vacation. Why did Santa do this? Did he forget? Merry Christmas! -- Aiden from Florida

Dear Aiden:
Ummmmmmm… Well see the thing about Santa is… Sometimes Santa gives special gifts to people. You see, Christmas isn’t really about gifts, it’s about the Christmas spirit and sharing happiness with your friends and family. So when Santa sees people who are
“poor” he assumes that their desires are beyond worldly possessions. He realizes that they are spiritually rich and acknowledges that by not spoiling their time with pointless gizmos and trinkets. If you have true happiness deep down inside there’s no need for any physical presents. Santa understands this more than anyone. That is why Santa never gets any presents and he’s jolly and happy all the time anyway. Merry Christmas, Aiden.

Who needs presents when you have the power of brotherhood?

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