Dumbass Sayings: “The Smell of Success”

What the hell is the smell of success? Money? Even super rich people don’t smell like money so there’s no correlation there. Why would anyone ever smell like money unless they were rolling around in it? If you’re doing that then there’s a good chance you’re clinically insane and I wouldn’t call that success. You may be financially successful for the moment, but if that’s the type of thing you do with your spare time then that money will be gone soon enough one way or another. Now failure on the other hand has a distinct smell. The smell of failure is of course the smell of someone shitting in their pants. That’s a real smell that tells you someone has failed. I don’t care who you are, a CEO of a major corporation or a single mother who works as an English tutor, if you shit your pants in that very moment you have failed and everything in your life has gone wrong. THAT is the smell of failure. The opposite has no smell, the opposite is just a freshly wiped ass that hasn’t soiled itself and that in and of itself is not necessarily success.

The closest thing to the actual smell of success would probably be Cocaine, but it usually ends up a smell of failure as well.

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