Dumbass Sayings: “A Run for Your Money”

Sometimes when you’re hanging out after another one of your underground street fight victories you’ll hear some of the spectators discussing a young new upstart fighter. They say “Hey he could probably give you a run for your money.” Run for my money? What does that even mean? It sounds like someone is going to chase me through the park to steal my wallet. If someone says they want to give me a “run for my money” I think they’re a prostitute. In that scenario that saying might make some sense. I give you my money and you give me a “run” at that ass. The only time I would ever use this term is in reference to Taco Bell. Then it makes complete sense. I give them my money, they give me the runs. They give me runs for my money. That’s the only time this saying ever literally makes sense. Any other time and it’s just some weird cryptic bullshit.

When someone offers you a run for your money they're usually inviting you to a charity event.

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