Dumbass Sayings: “Man of the House”

Sometimes right before your father abandons your family he looks you in the eyes and says “You’re the man of the house now…” Seriously? What kind of bullshit is that? Man of the house? I’m 5-years-old and now I’m the “MAN of the house”? Being the “man of the house” is supposed to mean that now you’re in charge just because you’re the only male left in the family. Do you realize how sexist that is? Do people really think men are the only ones who can handle responsibility in a family? Why isn’t there a “Woman of the house”? You never see a mother leave her family and tell the daughter now she’s the “woman of the house.” If your sister is older and more mature then she’s more equipped to be the “man of the house” than you as a 5-year-old boy. Of course it wouldn’t make sense to have a girl be the “man of the house” so you’d be better off calling them the “person of the house.” But if your mother is still there then she’s clearly the “person of the house” and there’s really no need for a “man of the house.” Actually there is no need for a “man of the house” at all if you believe in equality.

And how come there's no hermaphrodite of the house?

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