Ask McFartnuggets: “Is The Whitney Houston Story Basically The Plot of Scarface?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Lifetime channel made a movie about Whitney Houston’s life and it’s basically just like the movie “Scarface” just for women. Whitney Houston grew up in a middle class family in Newark, New Jersey and then quickly rose to greatness. She was addicted to cocaine just like Tony Montana in Scarface and they both died face down in a body water. Whitney Houston died in a bathtub and Scarface died in the fountain in his mansion after being shot in the spine by that tanned guy with sunglasses. Why doesn’t anyone else see these similarities? -- Dee Dee from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dear Dee Dee:
Those are some similarities, but there are far more differences. Whitney Houston was never a political prisoner from Cuba. Also her death was ruled accidental, unlike Tony Montana’s. Ironically it would have helped Tony Montana if he had a few more “Bodyguards.” The only other similarity I can see is that they are both remembered as heroes to their fans. That being said, yeah I guess you could say Whitney Houston was the female Scarface, just a little less murder.

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