Dumbass Sayings: “Nothing is Gonna Hit Harder Than Life”

In the movie “Rocky Balboa” Sylvester Stallone gives a motivational speech where he says “Nothing is gonna hit harder than life.” I’m not so sure that’s true. What hits harder than life? How about DEATH. I’m pretty sure death hits a little harder than life. When you get hit by life it’s usually just a setback and you can persevere and continue on living, but when you get hit by life that’s pretty final. Once you get hit by death it’s over, you disappear forever. That’s a little bit harder and more harsh than life. There’s not a hit harder than not existing anymore. Once you get hit the lights go off and you stop being a living being with awareness and consciousness. That’s basically the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Now some might argue being tortured for years and years could be a fate worse than death, but usually that’s not life doing that, it’s usually some crazy serial killer. At that point, no inspirational speech is going to help you.

Nothing hits harder than DEATH, but you can't say that in a speech because there's nothing encouraging about that.

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