8 Tentacled Snakes Born At Smithsonian Zoo

Everyone's making a big deal about these snake babies that have tentacles at the Smithsonian Zoo. It took four years of unsuccessful breeding attempts to create them because apparently even God had a problem with this. They say the tentacle snake is not harmful to humans, but it does have venomous fangs, so that's most likely a load of crap. Tentacled snakes are a nightmare for many people and the reason is scientific. Snakes are basically living tentacles, so a snake with tentacles growing out of its head is the snake version of if a person had two tiny people sprouting out of their forehead. Try to imagine how disturbing that is and you'll understand why the idea of a tentacled snake makes people want to shit their childhood dreams into their own mouth, swallow them and die shivering in the corner of a boiler room.

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