Buying Powerball Tickets As Christmas Gifts

Now that the Powerball jackpot is up over 400 million that thankfully gives me a chance to get all my holiday shopping done at a single 7-Eleven. Powerball tickets are the best possible gift to give someone this holiday season because if you lose then you can still give them the ticket as a gift, but if you win you can pretend like it was never meant to be a gift, keep all the money for yourself and buy a nice Furby for everyone on your list. The holidays allow you to get a shitload more tickets than you would normally be able to because you're spending all your gift money on $1 tickets. These are especially good gifts for the elderly since you can give them old tickets that have already lost and their vision isn't sharp enough to see the date on it so they think it could still win and it gets their hopes up which makes them feel special and that is all that matters even if it's only for a day. The holiday season is about making other people feel good and that's what the lottery is all about! You get children's hopes up about Santa showing up and he never comes so how is this any different? It's not. Well some say he does "come" but that's a whole other story about egg nog that I don't even want to get into right now.

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